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We've changed our TurboTax products this year to deliver only the best, guided experience based on your specific tax situation.
This means you may need to select a different TurboTax version than what you have used in the past to ensure you have the necessary guidance and coverage to complete your taxes. The chart answers what's new in TurboTax, new features this year, and other changes.
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Deductions & Homeowners


Investments & Rental Property


Personal & Small Business


Corporations and Partnerships



I own a home



I sold stocks, bonds, or mutual funds



I am a small business owner or sole proprietor



I own an S or C corp



I charitable donations to deduct



I sold employee stock (ESPP)



I have a home-office or home-based business



I manage an estate or trust



I have high medical expenses



I own rental properties



I’m self-employed



I have a partnership

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